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Creme Of Nature Sunflower and Coconut Detangling Conditioning Shampoo has an extraordinary natural ingredient blend that cleanses, conditions and bodifies in one easy step. So rich, no other conditioning treatment is needed. Makes hair easy to comb. Hair looks and feels healthy and lustrous, is softly full and beautiful. Detangling Conditioning Shampoo Extra Body this special, organic, extra body shampoo helps make fine, thin hair look gloriously full and stylable. It gently and effectively cleanses then richly conditions and detangles in one easy step. Its incredible blend of conditioning ingredients helps leave natural or relaxed hair looking soft, smooth and silky. Wet hair combs through easily. Hair has gorgeous sheen with lots of body and bounce. Crème of Nature extra body shampoo leaves fine, limp hair looking the best it can be. Its a natural for beautiful hair. 946ml